That's right--you heard . . . read, it correctly. Finnegan Chase: Siamese at Large has been published and is live on Lulu.com, just waiting for you to buy a copy! 

"Finnegan Chase: Siamese at Large" compiles all of the Finnegan Chase blog posts from 2012 into one handy book, complete with relevant URLs and images from the posts. The book also includes original material specifically for the book, which cannot be found anywhere else!

Don't forget that you can also buy Finnegan Chase items on Cafepress.

I now have my own Cafepress store! There are collections for my upcoming Finnegan Chase and The Perceptionalist books, the Satu Country series, and Hamster Heroes book.

There are not too many items listed currently, but more are in progress. If you have any items you would like to see in the store, please send your requests to me either in a comment on this blog or through the contact page.