I have three book projects I'm currently working on. The first two, as you already know are the third Satu Country book and the Finnegan Chase blog/book. What many of my readers haven't heard about yet, however, is my other project: The Perceptionalist.

In an attempt to try something new, I'm working on a book aimed for an older reading group. The Perceptionalist is a fiction-romance about a man named Serkan Berk, who is willing to do anything to better understand and better love his fiance. In the book, he sacrifices comfort and personal peace for the gift of telepathy. After he learns more about people than he ever wanted to know, he realizes that his new "gift" is more like a curse. However, will it be worth it? Find out what happens by reading the book!

My other blog, Finnegan Chase, is undergoing a magical metamorphosis! The previously internet accessible-only posts will soon be published in a full-color book.

The blog began in October and currently has twenty-five posts and has had 588 views! Needless to say, I'm very excited about its progress and popularity.

I plan on publishing the soft-cover book through Lulu.com--which is my favorite printer currently.

If you like my other works, cats, or just like plain awesome stuff with cute cat pictures, check it out! I'll post the link to buy the book and more information about it later on.