Thank you everyone who made my newest book release the success that it was!

I had quite a few pre-orders for In the Heights, and many more people have shown interest in the series because of the newest installment that was released on August 1st.

I absolutely love hearing feedback from all of you, so don't hesitate to contact me either by using the contact form on this website or by leaving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or your other favorite retail site. I've had some heartwarming reviews on Coming Tides, and would be honored if any of you readers would like to be a reviewer for Saving the Valley, In the Heights, or any other books I've published. You can contact me if you need more information about the review process.

P.S. There might be some freebies in store for anyone who leaves a review--positive or negative.

You read it right. The next Satu Country book will be available August 1st at Lulu.com! Click on the image to the left to read the book ad.

After a long year of writing and editing, the process is finally far enough along to set the date. This book has really been a struggle to write. Not because I couldn't figure out what to write, but because I couldn't figure out what NOT to write. There was just so much that I wanted to include in this tale.

That is also the reason why "In The Heights" is going to  be twice and long as the other two Satu books. Yes, twice as long! I really can't believe it myself. Currently the book is running at 277 pages, but I foresee it growing on to 300. I've been told that it's never a bad thing to have a long book--I'll let you, the readers, be the judge of that.

I'm really excited to finally be able to share this particular Satu Country tale with you. I think the series gets better as it goes on, but then again, that's up for you to decide, isn't it?


The second interview I've been featured in is now live!

L.Leander, author, blogger, and reviewer, has published an interview with me and a review of Satu Country: Coming Tides on her website.

Ms. Leander gave Coming Tides 4 stars, which I couldn't be happier about! I encourage you to not only read my interview and review, but also to check out her other reviews she's given to other authors on her site.

Also, check out here book INZARED on Amazon.

I've been blessed and honored to be featured in two author reviews lately! My first interview/review went live April 16 and was done by my author friend Lindsay Avalon on her blog The Lindsay Show.
My second interview, with another author L. Leander, will go live later in May.

I can't even begin to say how thankful I am to these two ladies for taking time to read my books, to talk to me about my books, and to feature a new, indie author on their websites! It's been a great opportunity for me to share not only more about my works, but also a bit about myself.
That's right--you heard . . . read, it correctly. Finnegan Chase: Siamese at Large has been published and is live on Lulu.com, just waiting for you to buy a copy! 

"Finnegan Chase: Siamese at Large" compiles all of the Finnegan Chase blog posts from 2012 into one handy book, complete with relevant URLs and images from the posts. The book also includes original material specifically for the book, which cannot be found anywhere else!

Don't forget that you can also buy Finnegan Chase items on Cafepress.

I now have my own Cafepress store! There are collections for my upcoming Finnegan Chase and The Perceptionalist books, the Satu Country series, and Hamster Heroes book.

There are not too many items listed currently, but more are in progress. If you have any items you would like to see in the store, please send your requests to me either in a comment on this blog or through the contact page.
I have three book projects I'm currently working on. The first two, as you already know are the third Satu Country book and the Finnegan Chase blog/book. What many of my readers haven't heard about yet, however, is my other project: The Perceptionalist.

In an attempt to try something new, I'm working on a book aimed for an older reading group. The Perceptionalist is a fiction-romance about a man named Serkan Berk, who is willing to do anything to better understand and better love his fiance. In the book, he sacrifices comfort and personal peace for the gift of telepathy. After he learns more about people than he ever wanted to know, he realizes that his new "gift" is more like a curse. However, will it be worth it? Find out what happens by reading the book!

My other blog, Finnegan Chase, is undergoing a magical metamorphosis! The previously internet accessible-only posts will soon be published in a full-color book.

The blog began in October and currently has twenty-five posts and has had 588 views! Needless to say, I'm very excited about its progress and popularity.

I plan on publishing the soft-cover book through Lulu.com--which is my favorite printer currently.

If you like my other works, cats, or just like plain awesome stuff with cute cat pictures, check it out! I'll post the link to buy the book and more information about it later on.

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Young Authors Workshop in Macon, Georgia that occurred today. The event was open to students ages thirteen and up with an interest in writing.

Other guests were there that spoke on topics like radio talk shows, using social media, and blogging. I, and another student from Macon State College, spoke about how we used media and scriptwriting to create digital stories that told stories about our lives, beliefs, and interests.

I admit, I was really anxious. I'd never spoken to people before in a public setting about my personal writing and stories. In all honesty, I barely remember what I talked about--I was that nervous. I do remember shamelessly advertising my books and giving out some of my business card magnets.

It went over well, though. The kids seemed attentive and I had quite a few people very interested in my books and ask for more information.

Even though I had to leave before the end of the nearly day-long event and was unable to sell any of my books personally, I did get to advertise and hopefully encourage other young writers to keep writing and never give up on their dreams.