Recently, I was invited to speak at the Young Authors Workshop in Macon, Georgia that occurred today. The event was open to students ages thirteen and up with an interest in writing.

Other guests were there that spoke on topics like radio talk shows, using social media, and blogging. I, and another student from Macon State College, spoke about how we used media and scriptwriting to create digital stories that told stories about our lives, beliefs, and interests.

I admit, I was really anxious. I'd never spoken to people before in a public setting about my personal writing and stories. In all honesty, I barely remember what I talked about--I was that nervous. I do remember shamelessly advertising my books and giving out some of my business card magnets.

It went over well, though. The kids seemed attentive and I had quite a few people very interested in my books and ask for more information.

Even though I had to leave before the end of the nearly day-long event and was unable to sell any of my books personally, I did get to advertise and hopefully encourage other young writers to keep writing and never give up on their dreams.

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